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 "Art  Your Photoz 

So... What is

"Art Your Photoz

all about? 


Let's say I catch that special moment

 with my camera and bring it to life.

Then you could display it on your wall.

That is the

    "Art of  Photography"


 Now, It would be so nice to take your special moment or photo that you cherish and turn it

into a Creative Portraiture or Painting for your wall. It could be a photo of your Family, your Pet, your Home Sweet Home or that special place where he proposed... 

Now that is when Jacqueline CreateS...

 "Art  Your Photoz"


From the time I get your call. I start to customize your shoot with you in mind. From the click of the camera to editing then presenting your Creative piece to you. Timeless pieces that you will cherish

a lifetime


What about Digital Restoration for photos!


What about learning how to Draw,

Paint, do computer design!


What about creating that special

 pamphlet or business card!


What about creating the Illustrations for

your next book!

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About  Jacqueline Price






What Creative Experience can I offer?


  • To teach students Artistic tendency. To help others acquire fundamental skills for creating and achieving success at their work.



  • To train your eyes to see what others don’t see. To think and create like an Artist!

  • Create Freelance Digital and Traditional Art. Each piece is never done until it's DONE WELL!.

  • Creative photography and restoration.

  • Graphic Designer and Web Graphics set up

  • Learn how to create a book or set it up for you ready to publish!

  • Let me Illustrate a book for you!

  • Perhaps you want to learn how to use your tools on your computer?

Do I have the skills to Create for you?


Art related skills:  Teaching:

  • 3D drawing and rendering. In most mediums. • Pencil • Pen • Watercolour • Pastel • Conte’ • Acrylic • Digital Art • Sculpting and so forth.

  • Volunteer teaching in grade schools. Grade 5-7 Volunteering in the community, teaching, and research. Pen and Ink. Stippling and cross-hatching

  • This includes preparing each class and implementing a progressive program to achieve the student’s perception. This will enable them to draw in more detail and achieve the end work that they want. Shading, shadows, reflection, contrast, line, shape, perspective, colour 
  • Shading, shadows, reflection, contrast, line, shape,          perspective, colour and printing knowledge

  • To develop a journal with different exercises to develop hand-eye coordination.

  • To have fun. Lots of fun.

  • Outdoor trips to study natural design and how it is implemented in all forms of art.

  • To use both parts of the brain to experiment with how the hand and the eyes work together. Including optical Illusions that we see, but is not.

  • Digital paintings and illustrations. Author and illustrator of children’s stories.

     Professional Artist, Photographer and Graphic Designer.

Artist skills:

   • Creative Portraitures • Digital paintings                           • Illustration skills • Traditional paintings and drawings        always done on archive museum quality material

   • Portraitures. • Watercolour  •  Acrylic paintings

   • Furniture paintings and design. • Cartooning and            illustrations for Childrens books or Historical                      painting and drawings. 

Graphics related skills:

   • Teaching and advertising • Magazine layout • Logos     • Business cards • Brochures • Typesetting                        • Corporate Identity • Design Layout

   • Advertising. • Handling clientele proposals with                simple or detailed design briefs for viewing

   • Invoices • Ordering and           researching promotional products • Advertising and         marketing techniques.


   • Photoshoots • Editing and touch-up

   • Teaching editing skills and poising • Photo-                        journalism • Documentary Photography

   • Digital Manipulation Photography

   • Portrait Photography • Fine Art Photography

   • Children Photography

   • Family Mom and Baby Photography

   • New Born Photography • Nature Photography

   • Landscape Photography • Creative Portraiture

   • Illustration and Digital paintings Illustration skills           • Traditional paintings and drawings always done on           archive museum quality material

   • Digital painting and Portraitures.


mist in the trees painting

Mist on the Water. 


This was a beautiful spot on my travels up the interier of BC, Canada. I took it home and created this painting.  Stroke by stroke. 


  •Computer programs •Adobe Photoshop • Adobe Lightroom • Adobe Illustrator    • Corel Draw • Corel Painter • Adobe InDesign • Adobe Bridge • Web Serif plus 7 • Perfect Photo suite 7 • Sketch-up (3D architect rendering) 2012


Photography Education

  •Photoshop Mastery • Advanced Masking • Fundamentals of Digital Photography 2013 •         Speedlights 101 • Bellies &Babies • Newborn Posing • Wedding Photography Boot Camp     • 28 Days with Sue Bryce • B&W photography and processing


Series of Graphic Design Education


  •1999 for 3 months Graphic Design training at IMAGE HOUSEWilliams Lake BC

  •1996 for 2 yrs. – Academy of Arts in New York City.                                                  Completed Graphic Design I and II. • Corporate Identity • Information Design

  •Advertising Design • Branding and Identity • Web Design • Adobe Photoshop • Adobe          Illustration


Series of Art and Illustration Education


  • 1979 Sheridan College Brampton, Ontario – Course –Illustration • All fundamental skills required to prepare for press and presentation.

  • Studies of design • Drawing • Human Body structure and drawings of live models) • texture • patterns • perspective • layout • composition • Typography • Photography, B&W photo process • composition …

  • 1974-1978 M.M. Roberson: Majored in Arts. All mediums, Sculpture. Glazes, Set designs for plays. Theatre makeup 

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All rights reserved since 1979 ®  © Thank you!  Jacqueline Price 

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