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Ready for print. Every product is ready for press. Prepared hard copy and a digital copy. Delivered to the right personal to get the job done right the first time. 

Rought Draft
Finished Draft
Younge lady sitting on the floor looking away

My first job is to know what you need and want. I want to visualize what you have in mind. A consultation will help to achieve this. 


For Photography, I want to set up the right equipment, develop the right mood and help you have fun! 


For commissioned Artwork or Creative Photography, I send out a number of sketches or proofs.  I use this process for all work. Portraiture, Illustration, graphic Design, Commissioned Art Work. Photography 

cartoon of little bird and black bear

Next, I send you a finished draft. If you like what you see it is a win, win situation.

On the other hand, sometimes it may take a number of finished drafts. This is okay. Working together will achieve your goal and mine, to have happy 

End Product



Recently I am working on a series of Illustrations for my books I am creating. 

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